Dr Terry Wahls & Food as Medicine

If you ever needed a more detailed explanation about why organic vegetables (and other produce) is so important, Dr Terry Wahls lays it all out for you in a one hour presentation: “Food as Medicine”.

This is not a quick read – you’ll need to set aside an hour to view the presentation. But if you do take the time, you’ll get an incredible insight into nutrition and the importance of organic produce. While Terry did a lot of her research into nutrition as a result of MS, as you’ll see, her message is not just about MS. Nutrition plays a vital role in our health, and a lot of problems arise when our bodies don’t get vital nutrients.

The full Food as Medicine talk is 60 mins long, 6 videos of 10 minutes. But there is a also a 15 minute Ted talk that gives you a quicker introduction. I’ve included the introduction and the full talk below.

And if you want to find out more about Dr Terry Wahls, and perhaps buy her book, her website is here: Dr Terry Wahls

Minding your Mitochondria: 15 minute talk introducing the concepts

Food as Medicine – Part 1

Food as Medicine – Part 2

Food as Medicine – Part 3

Food as Medicine – Part 4

Food as Medicine – Part 5

Food as Medicine – Part 6

Organic Seedlings from Your Patch Organic

Your Patch Seedling Ordering

Your Patch Seedling Ordering

Tim Woodard of Your Patch (Organic Gardening) has a new seed ordering facility for clients who have one of his organic gardens.

The range of seedlings available is very wide, and one of Tim’s team comes out and plants them out for you.

We have one of Tim’s gardens, and it is a year round source of organic vegies.

Soul Tree Organic Store and Cafe in Glen Forest

Soul Tree Organic Store and Cafe

Soul Tree Organic Store and Cafe

Last week I was up at Glen Forrest at the Soul Tree Organic Store and Cafe. They held a small fundraiser for the Victorian bushfire appeal, as so many small businesses around Australia are doing.

Sitting outside in the early evening was really relaxing, and we had a lovely night with a curry, a chilled bottle of wine and live music.

Glen Forrest is really coming into its own in terms of organic and permaculture activity, and plans are afoot for a community garden.

Soul Tree Organic Store and Cafe
Shop 6, 3-5 Railway Parade
Glen Forrest

Organic Soil from the Green Life Soil Co

There is only one supplier of organic soil in Perth that I know of, and that is the Green Life Soil Co in Midvale.

The Green Life Soil Co

The Green Life Soil Co

They sell soils and mulches, as well as garden tubs in a variety of sizes.

Putting organic soil in a tub means you don’t have to worry about whether your garden soil is contaminated. Unfortunately soil contamination is an issue left over from many years of toxic pesticide use.

If you want to grow your own vegetables (or have chooks where you can happily eat the eggs), you can either:

  • not worry about it
  • get your soil tested
  • buy a garden tub and fill it with organic soil.

The last option is a pretty good one.

Organic on Charles

Top quality fruit and vegetables at Organic on Charles

Top quality fruit and vegetables at Organic on Charles

Just up the road on Charles St, North Perth is a really wonderful organic shop called Organic on Charles.

The quality of the fruit and vegetables is excellent, and the prices are very reasonable.

I suspect the fact that Jude Blereau is just down the road may help keep standards high :)

Last time I was there I noticed a selection of frozen meat from Mondos – that is a welcome addition, although a visit to Mondos is always worthwhile.

The Greenhouse Organic Seeds

The Greenhouse Organic Herb and Vegetable Seedlings

The Greenhouse Organic Herb and Vegetable Seedlings

Leesa from The Greenhouse left a comment about her organic seedling business north of Perth.

Looks very interesting, you can get her seedlings in Perth from Absolutely Organic (Gwelup), Green Life Soil Company (Midvale), City Farm (East Perth) and the Western Farmers Markets (Fremantle, 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month).

I hope I have that all correct. I’ll get around to listing more organic suppliers in Perth, feel free to send me any details.

Finding Organic Seeds in Perth

Thought I would put together a site to help identify organic producers and retailers in Perth, Western Australia.

Because I have recently set up an organic garden, I’ve got some notes on organic seeds.

Buy organic seeds where possible. Where it isn’t possible, look for open pollinated seeds. With multinationals patenting seed rights, heritage, open pollinated seeds are under threat so it makes sense to buy the ‘open source’ varieties. Using organic seeds is healthier and protects worlds genetic diversity.  

Eden or Green Harvest are good sources, collected from open pollinated sources and genetically true.

Heritage seeds are seed varieties that have evolved naturally. 

For example, take Rice. There used to be thousands of varieties. Now there are around 20. The genetic heritage of Rice has dwindled, and this represents a risk for future adaptation and diversity.

When seeds are specifically engineered for a result, you get that result. For example, tomatoes are bred to be very red and firm enough for transport, and also for strong germination rates. But not necessarily for taste.

The result is that consumers in supermarkets can buy firm, red tomatoes – but they don’t taste as good as traditional tomatoes that are better suited to vine ripening in your own garden.

Learn more by looking up Jude and Michael Fanton and the Seed Savers Network – get a copy of their  Seed Savers Handbook.

And save your own seed.